Viewfinder Photographic Society presents 'An Evening with Heather Angel' (Wildlife & Nature Photographer)

Heather is a veteran traveller to China. Since 1984, she has made 32 trips specifically to photograph the natural world in this vast country, and written five books. Three on China’s national treasure the giant panda and Green China is an overview of the major habitat types. This was followed by a natural history Chinese travelogue – Exploring Natural China (2010) – that describes 13 special locations with detailed maps.

This lecture reveals the varied stunning natural splendours China has to offer the travelling naturalist. From pink dolphins in Hong Kong waters to a few Siberian tigers in the north-east that survive frigid winter temperatures close to the Russia border. Further south are exquisite alpine flowers, verdant bamboo forests, spectacular caves and lush tropical rainforests. Since she first visited China, Heather has witnessed the great strides being made to save some of the rarest species from extinction.

Kew is renowned as one of the world’s leading Botanic Gardens – with 300 acres plus the glasshouses a wide variety of plants from all over the world flourish here. Indeed, the diverse array of plants makes Kew a haven for wildlife throughout the year. It comes as a surprise to many visitors, that foxes and badgers, birds, insects and pond life frequent the world famous gardens that were declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2003.

Throughout 2008 and into 2009 Heather had special access to Kew documenting the wildlife comings and goings for her book Heather Angel’s Wild Kew. The 2010 summer exhibition at Kew in the Nash Conservatory showed a selection of images from the book. In spring, enchanting wildfowl babies appear; summer flowers attract a host of insect pollinators; in autumn, parakeets and squirrels raid chestnuts while swans court in the depth of winter when coots fight on the frozen lake.

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7.30pm - 10pm, Monday 8th April 2019

Hayward Theatre, Parkway Cinema, Flemingate, Beverley HU17 OPW